Our Cear Pave project has exceeded 200 million yen in support funds.

Our Cear Pave project, currently running on GREEN FUNDING, has exceeded 200 million yen in support funds. The campaign will continue until the end of May.
Thank you all for your support.

ABOUT Cear pavé

Cear pavé 2nd Generation

Speaker with Cear Field

You can hear sounds beyond the visible world.
The usual sound becomes 3D surround from the palm of your hand. The world's first portable speaker with Snapdragon Sound™ sound

Until now, speaker listening required people to move to the sweet spot because the position of the speaker was fixed. To address this challenge, we have developed Cear pavé, a palm-sized, cube-shaped speaker that allows you to easily bring the sweet spot near you. Cear pavé, powered by our proprietary sound field control algorithm called Cear Field*, provides an overwhelmingly expansive three-dimensional sound field that goes far beyond the visible world in front of you.

*Cear Field consists of two main technologies:
1.Real-time analysis of audio signals, focusing on factors like phase differences and amplitude variations between the left and right channels to separate and construct sound sources in a clear form.
2.Crosstalk cancellation technology, which properly repositions the front and left-right channels.
The frequency characteristics of speakers change just by shifting their placement.
Therefore, when you spread the sound from the front-facing speaker to the left and right, the sound quality changes significantly, causing blurriness or distortion of sound. Cear Field technology effectively corrects this.



Cear envisions harnessing the power of sound and cutting-edge technology to create new values and experiences that evoke empathy and emotion. Utilizing our unique acoustic technology, we aim to reestablish the importance of sound, ranging from entertainment to mutual understanding between humans and computers, realizing a richer and more enjoyable world.
Our ultimate goal is contributing to a sustainable future through the medium of sound.​

Cear,Inc. CEO: Yoshitaka Murayama



Company name
Takei Bldg. 5F /6F, 2-19-6 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016 JAPAN
Yoshitaka Murayama
November 1st, 2018


  • Nov.2011

    Sound Division for developing sound technologies and Tokyo Sales office in Kyoei Engineering Co., Ltd. were setup in Taito-ku, Tokyo

  • Apr.2012

    Established “Cear” (Clear, Clean, Creative technologies for the ear) as Kyoei Engineering Sound Division technology brand

  • Jan.2015

    Received Innovation Award for Cear’s first original product “DOMINO 2MIC” from 2015 International CES

  • Sep.2016

    Stared sales of “DOMINO 2MIC”

  • Oct.2016

    Cear’s Bluetooth Speaker “pave” was introduced by crowdfunding site “machi-ya” and supported by nearly 400%

  • May.2017

    Started sales of “pave”

  • Nov.2018

    Funded “Cear, Inc. in Taito-ku, Tokyo

  • Apr.2019

    Participated to Qualcomm Extension Program Network

  • Nov.2021

    Our company’s business innovation plan got authorization by Tokyo

  • Apr.2022

    Participated to WEAP(Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator Program)


As a member of Qualcomm® Voice & Music Extension Program

We offer the only Snapdragon Sound technical support service in Japan.

Implemented development environment :

  • • DB-QCC5181-WLCSP99-A-0
  • • DB-QCC3086-WLCSP990A-0
  • • DK-QCC5171-WLCSP99-A-0
  • • DK-QCC5151-EARBUDRD-A-0
  • • DB-QCC5144-VFBGA90-A-0
  • • DB-QCC5141-WLCSP94-A-0
  • • DK-QCC5141-EARBUDRD-A-0
  • • DK-TRBI200-CE684-1
  • • DB-QCC3056-WLCSP94-A-0


  • Cear Field

    Cear Field

    Reproduction with an amazingly realistic feeling that can be achieved by spatial control and sound separation technologies

  • Cear Microphone

    Cear Microphone

    Reproduces the best front-end sound pickup according to the number and shape of microphones

  • Cear Products

    Cear Products

    We develop and provide new concept acoustic products


name model manufacturer
Head & Torso Simulator 45BC-16 G.R.A.S
Hi-Res Ear Simulator RA0404 G.R.A.S
Ear Simulator RA0402 G.R.A.S
Audio Analyzer APx525 Audio Precision
Audio Analyzer
Bluetooth Option
APX-BT-WB Audio Precision
Audio Analyzer
SW Option
APX-SQ-POLQA Audio Precision
Mouth Simulator Type 4227-A Brüel & Kjær
Spectrum Analyzer MS2691A ANRITSU
USB Power Sensor MA24106A ANRITSU
Soundproof Box Small Soundproof Box TYPE-2 Sonora Technology
USB Protocol Analyzer TP320510 Total Phase


  • Directivity control method and device

    • • JP5140785(JPN)
    • • 9,648,435(US)
    • • 2940686(UK,FRA,DEU)
    • • ZL201380068560.4(CHN)
  • Sound-source separation method, apparatus, and program

    • • JP6226885(JPN)
    • • 9,648,435(US)
    • • 2940686(UK,FRA,DEU)
    • • ZL201380068560.4(CHN)
  • Sound processing device, Sound processing method and sound processing program

    • • JP6161706(JPN)
    • • 20,160,286,331(US)
    • • ZL201380079120.9(CHN)
  • In addition, there are multiple Patents pending and jointly filed. Registered several trademarks and designs.

    • Sound Software Development

      Develop software that can satisfy your needs utilizing own patented technologies and implement a total solution

    • Licensing sound Technologies

      License our patented technologies ( Cear Field & Cear Microphone )

    • Design, Develop and Manufacture Sound Hardware

    • Planning, Development and
      Sales of original products

    • Acoustic Spatial Design

      Spatial Acoustic Environment Measurements/Analysis Consulting Spatial Acoustic Design Optimization

    • Measurement Services

      Cear Acoustic Measurement System (C.A.M.S)
      ・Installed the anechoic room for measurement the high-resolution audio in the office
      ・Implemented the head and torso simulators (HATS) “GRAS 45BC-16 KEMAR”



    Drawing Sounds0

    Intuitive application that draws and manipulates sounds freely


    Cear pavé

    A new type of listening Bluetooth speaker that allows you to feel the sound of the space



    Lightning Stereo Microphone with microphone functions that change with the recording scene


    Media Deployment & Our Works Topic

    Social Media


    Company name : Cear,Inc.
    location : Takei Building 5th floor(reception) & 6th floor(development), 2-19-6, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0016 Japan

    Akihabara Station on the JR Sobu Line 15 minutes on foot
    Shin-Okachimachi Station on the Subway Oedo Line 10 minutes on foot